Additional services

Additional services

Car delivery and collection:

If the client requests, we can deliver the can to any city or town in Lithuania and at the end of the rental period, we can collect the car. This service is charged according to endorsed “TRUERent” fees.

Car collection from/delivery to our office in Vilnius is free of charge.

Car delivery or collection from Vilnius air port fee is under the agreement

Car delivery/collection anywhere in Vilnius fee is under the agreement.

Delivery/collection outside of the city limits is charged additionally: 0,5 €/km.

Car with a driver service fee is 30 € / office hours. (to be arranged beforehand)


The cars are rented with full tank of fuel. If the renter returns the car with a fuel tank that is not full, the renter has to pay for the amount of fuel missing and also to pay the fuel filling fee of 15 €.

Full tank of fuel service fee is 70 €.